Black Arrows were once again in attendance at the “Go Islington” Festival at Highbury Fields on Saturday 23rd July 2016, along with a number of other local sports clubs and organisations providing a cultural carnival for thousands of local residents to take part in a range of activities on  a glorious summer’s day.

The event was deemed to be a success by those who attended with very positive feedback from the Young people who  tried 5+ sports, who could enter a prize draw by completing a sports record card. They were also asked to give feedback on the event. Responses to the question: How would you rate today’s event?. 90% responded very good, with the other 10% quite good.

 Almost everyone who completed the feedback agreed or strongly agreed they would like to attend similar events in the future and that the event inspired them to do more sport or physical activity.

Black Arrows coach Amardeep Panesar said “It was great to see so many young people and families enjoying a great day out in the park, taking part in all the activities on offer. Badminton was again very popular, and even attracted a four legged friend wanting some coaching leading up to the Rio Olympics”.

See the Islington Gazette link below to read about the event:




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