MIN_9267 (2)City University Winning Team

Black Arrows host “Clash of the Scholars” Badminton team event, targeting senior schools, colleges and universities that they currently work with as part of their Badminton Development programme. The event held on Saturday 5th December 2015 at City Sports, City University, saw 3 separate tournaments running side by side, in order to show participants the playing progression from school, to college to university.

The tournament attracted over 70 players, with the school event won by Camden Girl’s School, the college event was won by City and Islington College, and City University, first team winning the University event.

A big thanks to all the players who participated, the volunteers who recruited teams, and acted as team managers on the day, in particular Wayne Bridgeman (Black Arrows), Samantha Rochester-Ellis (Arsenal PL4S), John Fielding (Beacons College), Ashley Reynolds (Black Arrows) and Sue Scarlithium (University of the Arts).

The tournament was a huge success, and will be held again next year as an annual event, targeting 4 school, college and university teams.

City 2nd Men's

City 2nd Team – Men’s Doubles

University of the Arts

University of the Arts – Badminton


City 2nd Team – Mixed Doubles

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